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    The Panacea Diagnostics is the result of the ‘good health for all’ mission that is spurring our Group to touch a billion lives

    Working hours:

    MONDAY 07:00 am – 8:00 pm
    TUESDAY 07:00 am-  8:00 pm
    WEDNESDAY 07:00 am-  8:00 pm
    THURSDAY 07:00 am-  8:00 pm
    FRIDAY 07:00 am-  8:00 pm
    SATURDAY 07:00 am-  8:00 pm
    SUNDAY 07:00 am-  8:00 pm

    Call : (+91) 7439-667-663

    Mail : thepanaceadiagnostics@gmail.com

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    If you wish to book an appointment, it is best that you visit the Appointment Booking Page directly.

    Nearest Baruipur Rail Station : Sealdah To Baruipur

    Baruipur - Howrah (C26), Baruipur - Canning

    218 Bus Route (Kulpi Road, Near Baruipur S.D. Hospital)